Watson Township

Watson Township was formed in January 1848 from parts of Porter and Cummings Townships. It is named for Oliver Watson who was the president of a bank in nearby Williamsport at the time.[3]

Watson Township is and always has been a largely unpopulated area. It is mountainous and covered with a thriving second growth forest. During the late 1800s much of the land was stripped of its old-growth forests. At the time central Pennsylvania, and the city of Williamsport was the center of the lumber industry in the United States. Trees were cut down and floated down Pine Creek, which flows through Watson Township. There were several sawmills along Pine Creek in the township. Other early attempts at industry included an iron forge along Furnace Run. There were several deposits of iron ore in Watson Township, but the ore proved to be of low quality and the investors in the iron furnaces struggled to turn a profit. The furnaces were abandoned and little evidence of their existence remains.    (source: Wikipedia)

Watson Township is in the heart of beautiful Pine Creek Valley and has great fishing and hunting.  The Pine Creek Rail Trail follows Pine Creek and Route 44 through the township.  Parking for the Rail Trail is available on Route 44 North about 2 miles from Route 220.  We invite everyone to visit our beautiful township in Lycoming County.  This site is a communication resource available to all residents and others with an interest in Watson Township.  Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. 

Watson Township Municipal Building – 4635 North Route 44 Hwy, Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Phone: (570) 398-7829 Fax: (570) 865-6543

Mailing Address: 94 Whitetail Lane, Jersey Shore PA 17740 
Watson Township Business Email Address: [email protected]

James Seltzer, Supervisor, Chairman

James Potter, Supervisor, Vice-Chairman

Allen Green, Supervisor

Darlene S. Macklem, Secretary/Treasurer

Brent Petrosky, Zoning Officer

Jami Nolan, Sewage Enforcement Officer Robert L. Bertin, Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer